Our team focuses on providing excellent customer service on a daily basis. All Equaflight staff are committed to providing our customers with an incomparable flight experience in Africa.

Flight crew members

Equaflight’s flight crews are divided between pilots and cabin crew. Our philosophy of flexibility and safety and our business aviation DNA are an integral part of the training and mindset of flight crews.

Air Operations

The organization, planning and monitoring of flights are carried out internally, by teams that work in shifts 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire to ensure better monitoring and optimal responsiveness.

Airworthiness & Maintenance

Since its creation in 1976, the Regourd Aviation Group has chosen to ensure the airworthiness and maintenance of its aircraft itself. Our expertise makes us today a European leader in complete maintenance on regional aircraft, a service that we also offer as consultants. Amelia Tech (ex-Airmain, Regourd Aviation group) participates in the airworthiness and maintenance of the fleet in Africa by respecting all the constraints of a complex logistics and organization.

Expertise, rigor and expertise are expressed in a wide variety of professions within the Regourd Aviation Group, with the aim of guaranteeing the airworthiness of the fleet, flight safety and the smooth running of operations.

Sales and administrative functions

Equaflight’s professions are not only operational or directly related to aeronautical maintenance. It is also all the cross-functional back-office departments that contribute to the smooth running of the company by contributing to the improvement of its performance.

These professions include Sales, Marketing / Communication, Legal, Human Resources, Purchasing, Finance and QSE.